Photo Services

The Flight

It all starts in the cockpit. All flights are custom tailored to each client.  Once we arrive overhead your photos are shot using the latest state of the art digital photo equipment. We typically shoot 15 to 20 shots at various altitudes to achieve the best look of your property. We will shoot any season and are finding a high demand for our winter snow photos.

Art Work

Once the photos are captured the digital files are taken to our art department to be tweaked up if needed. Don't worry if we got there the day the garbage cans were out in the drive or maybe there is a rubbish pile out back or too many cars in the drive, all these items can be removed if need be. Was the garage door left open? We can close it! Don't let the lack of rain and brown grass worry you...we can green up your yard too.


We offer several package options and can accommodate any budget and a wide range of portrait sizes to compliment any decor.  Framed portraits and DVD's are primarily what we offer with our 4 season 4 panel portrait being a very popular item. If you have a unique idea you would like us to try let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate your are the boss!

Framing & Delivery

After the art is done the image is printed, framed and made ready for delivery. We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround to get your portrait to you as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Our work is guaranteed and your digital image is kept in our archive if the need for a re-print should ever become necessary.