Night Aerial Ad Services


We use an LED lighted electronic sign mounted wing tip to wing tip on our Cessna 172 to display your message similar to that used on the GoodYear Blimp at a fraction of the cost.  An on-board computer controls 252 LED lights in a flashing, scrolling or rolling text which cycles your custom message for maximum effectiveness.

Messages can be up/down rolled, flashed in a variety of patterns or digitally unveiled and are highly visible and easily read from an altitude of 1000 feet above the ground.  Words can be held for specific durations or traveled across at varying speeds.  To really make your message stand out we can also program in graphic animated elements such as: attention grabbing starbursts, winking eyes, an accelerating car, a flying airplane, dancing stick figures and more!

Night aerial advertising is a very unique, effective and efficient form of media and we understand how important it is to get the most out of your advertising budget.  We will not waste your money and our time by flying in poor weather...there needs to be people out there to see it so if the weather is bad, we don't fly.

We have several packages to offer our clients depending on what best suits their needs.

Events Package - For those clients who need a one time message over special events such as fairs, sporting events, over the beach, etc.

Exclusive Package - For those clients who require exclusivity for special events such as political campaigns and the like.

Contract Package - Flights are discounted according to quantity of flight hours needed.  In addition, you will also receive VIP priority and free changes to messages and digital programming.

Call us for more information and pricing for your specific event.  419-787-4998